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23 Дек 2015

Source: Web Server Security and Database Server Security Retrived from:  http://www.acunetix.com/ Various high-profile hacking attacks have proven that web security remains the most critical issue to any business that conducts its operations online. Web servers are one of the most targeted public faces of an organization, because of the sensitive data they usually host. Securing a web...

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4 Май 2013

How CloudFlare increases speed and security of your site   This is a guest post written and contributed by CloudFlare.  CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants. CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with  724.host Server Solutions ! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, our...

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2 Июн 2012

724.host is technically powered by WHMCS  for providing solutions. The 724.host  brand is the result of years of profitable sole-proprietorship hosting and design effort. Customer referrals and word of mouth advertising fueled us growth, and eventually reached the point where the next step had to be taken. 724.host  was then formed, taking over our assets, and poised for expansion. Our...

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